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Griffen -- more information

Pineywoods Cattle – The Griffen Line -- more

Griffen cattle were medium to large, and blocky. They were yellow, long-headed, and had long horns with a wide upward and outward twist. The Griffen cattle are yellow, and can reputedly be traced at least in part to French cattle introduced to the Gulf Coast area in about 1850.  The Griffen family had a sawmill for milling lumber from the old growth forest. The original importation of cattle included some 300 head. 

Griffen cattle are small and thickly built cattle. They have long, twisted horns that have a very Spanish character, and their head shape also resembles that of Spanish cattle.  These details put some doubt on the French origin of the strain, or at least the remnants of the strain left until today.  Griffen cattle were used locally as dairy cattle, although this no longer continues.

Jack Bayliss used several Griffen cattle in his herd, and the Bayliss and Griffen lines are related.  Jess Brown and Justin Pitts have been able to produce some very high percentage Griffen cattle by carefully mating the few remaining cattle of this strain.

--- Phil Sponenberg

Griffen cow
Photo by Phil Sponenberg