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Pineywoods Cattle – The Ezell Line

Ezell cattle are from North Florida, but the start of the herd originated in Alabama so these should likely be included as Pineywoods cattle.  In addition, Ezell cattle tend to be short and blocky, and fatten easily.  This is consistent with several Pineywoods strains.  

Peggy Miller from Jay, Florida had an old Ezell bull that was sold to a neighbor.  She got this bull from Chuck Salmon, and Danny Free also got a bull from him.  Evidently the old Ezell herd had minimal selection pressure.  Danny Ezell says that his grandfather, Joshua Ezell, never purchased bulls for the herd. Danny’s father, Robert Ezell, bought four or five Santa Gertrudis bulls to use on the herd he maintained at Sandhill.  He said that these “improved” bulls could not survive under the range conditions.  Most of the Santa Gertrudis  bulls left, seeking better grazing, or stayed and died.  Robert Ezell maintained cattle in four or five separate areas.  Those at Warrior Swamp were his best cattle and no outside bulls were ever put there.  

Some Ezell were originally polled.  Colors varied from red, cream, and black, with a few having Pinzgauer type spotting. Ezel are medium sized, and have upward horns. They are red to light brown. Some have extra skin and may be part Brahman.

-- Phil Sponenberg

Ezell Cow
Photo courtesy of Ryan Schaffer

Ezell Bull
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Tim Olsen

Ezell Heifer
Photo by David James