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More information and photos are needed for the Hickman line!

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Pineywoods Cattle – The Hickman Line

Hickman cattle tend to be large and rangy rather than short and blocky.  There are a few guineas in the line, and these are shorter and blockier as is typical of the guinea type.  Heads are long and horns are long and twisted up and out.  Colors include nearly the entire range for the breed: base colors include black, brown, brindle, red, and smoky.  Spotting includes linebacked, colorsided, uniform roan, and random recessive spots.

Hickman cattle ranged with Ladnier cattle, and cattle of these strains are very similar.  Before the stock law that closed the range in the 1960s, Ladnier ranged to the west of the Ridge road to the east side of Wolf River, Hickman to the west of Ridge road on both sides of Biloxi creek and De Soto National Forest.  After the stock law the two herds ranged much closer to one another with Hickman on both sides of Biloxi Creek and Biloxi Creek range.  

An interesting note to the Hickman is the extinct Garner strain.  These cattle ranged between Hickman and Broadus.  They reportedly were black with black horn tips, a somewhat unsual conbination of traits.  They are gone as a distinct strain, but probably influenced the Hickman strain.

-- Phil Sponenberg

Hickman Cow
Photo by Bruce Petesch

Hickman Bull and Cow
Photo by Jess Brown

Hickman Cow
Photo by Jody Reyer

Hickman Cow
Photo by Bruce Petesch