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Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association


Pineywoods Cattle – The Dedeaux Line

The Dedeaux cattle are somewhat similar to Broadus cattle, with moderate horn and blocky body conformation. The cattle are mostly red, with a few brindle cattle as well. Dedeaux and Broadus cattle ranged close to Hickman cattle, but had very little to no mixing with that line. They remain a different body type and horn type. The present Dedeaux herd is greatly reduced from that of the past.

In the original herd there were many guineas, which are a proportionate dwarf type valued for easy fattening.

-- Phil Sponenberg

Bull from the CJ Dedeaux herd
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

Cow and bull calf from CJ Dedeaux herd
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

Cow from the CJ Dedeaux herd
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

Cow from the CJ Dedeaux herd
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

More information and photos are needed for the Dedeaux line!