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Pineywoods Cattle – The Diamond Line

Fred Diamond has all sorts of interesting rare threads in his herd, and all seem to be pretty typical of that area:  Diamond, Seal, Bounds, Ladner, Hickman, Griffin.  This is a really important herd, because few or none of these occur anywhere else. 

Fred Diamond's herd also includes both Hickman and Broadus influence as well as that of other local cattle.  This herd has recently used a Seal bull which is a line that is otherwise extinct.  The Seal cattle were from the Wiggins area.  Diamond’s start was from old family cattle, and includes several old cows of old traditional type and old family breeding.  The cattle vary in color, but include several dark reds and browns.  Horns are long, twisted, and typical.  The size varies, but many are larger-framed rangy cattle. Fred Diamond milks one nice dark purple roan cow that produces a gallon a day after weaning her calf.  In addition to the Seal bull, other recent ones include the “Blue Speckled Butterbean bull” from Fresco, Alabama  and Jess Brown’s Yellow Griffin bull (likely 3/4 Griffin, 1/4 Baylis breeding).

-- Phil Sponenberg

Part of the Diamond herd
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

Fred Diamond milking Ginger
Photo by Ryan Schaffer

More information and photos are needed for the Diamond line!