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Bayliss line

Pineywoods – The Bayliss Line

Bayliss cattle tend to be medium to large framed for the breed, and most have fairly long horns with an upward and outward twist. Colors vary to include most base colors: black, red, brown, brindle, yellow, and smoky. Spotting included colorsided, linebacked, white with dark points, and roan.

The herd owned by Jack Bayliss of Petal, Mississippi was one of the larger source herds of Pineywoods cattle.  The herd numbered about 160, and consisted of cattle from older lines of Griffin, Thornhill, and Carter cattle.

The Griffin cattle are yellow, and can reputedly be traced at least in part to French cattle introduced to the area in about 1850. The Griffins ran a sawmill, and the original importation included 300 head. 

These are small round cattle, with large twisted horns that have a very Spanish character.  The Griffin cattle were used locally as dairy cattle, although this no longer continues.  The Thornhill cattle are white with red points, and are reputed to be English origin.  The Carter strain have been in existence for 100 years or so and are a family strain of cattle from wife of Jack Baylis.  Carter cattle vary in color immensely, but do not include black or black derived colors or patterns since this was taken as evidence of Angus breeding.  It is interesting that black was the preferred base color in several of the other pure herds, such as the Holt cattle.

--- Phil Sponenberg


Bayliss Bull
Photo by Tammy James

Bayliss heifer
Photo by Tammy James