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Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association



As voted by the members at the 2018 Annual PCRBA meeting new requirements of permanent identification and genetic testing prior to entering the registry have been determined by the PCRBA Board and Officers. These new requirements are necessary to preserve the integrity of our breed and ensure the generations of diligent work to establish our herd are not compromised either by intention or mishap. Careful consideration and deliberation has shaped these measures to be effective with adding minimal cost and work load to the breeder. The PCRBA Board and Officers would like to thank members for their patience in determining these requirements and their willingness to participate in the furthered success and future of the Pineywoods breed. These new requirements will be effective Janurary 1, 2019 . These new requirements do not apply to any cattle registered to the PCRBA herd book before January 1, 2019.

Genetic Testing requirements 

-ALL bulls applying for registration with the PCRBA beginning January 1, 2019

-The minimum requirement of parentage must be met through appropriate samples provided by the breeder for the PCRBA sire, PCRBA dam, and candidate

- The breeder is responsible for all costs associated with testing and ensuring samples are collected and delivered properly to the approved laboratory

- Test results will be reviewed by the PCRBA in conjunction with other registration requirements before an animal is submitted to the register 

- A bull unable to meet these requirements set forth by the PCRBA will not be eligible for registration, unless provisional admission is given by unanimous vote of PCRBA Officers and Board after full review


Permanent Identification Requirements

- ALL animals applying for registration with the PCRBA beginning January 1, 2019

- Each animal must be identified unique from its herd mates by permanent legible brands applied by hot or freeze branding technique

-No identifying brands should be duplicated within the herd 

-  Each breeder's holding brand must be in accordance to state laws and registered in breeder's state

- The breeder is responsible for registering and all fees associated with their holding brand    

- Identifying branding system for individual animals is to be determined by the breeder but must be consistent, logical, and legible 

- Characters for individual ID can: be numerical, include letters, or Alpha Angle System

- Character irons must be a minimum of 3" tall 

- All branding is to be done prior to registration so marks can be listed on registration paperwork

- Any animals that are not meeting these requirements is not eligible for registration 


- **Although hot or freeze branding is the required and preferred method to meet the permanent identification requirement the use of ear tattoo will be accepted as permanent identification only IF:

-the unique tattoo is legible and a minimum of 4 characters

-the tattoo must be applied to both ears

-tattoo should be applied in upper third of ears

-tattoos must not be obstructed or disfigured by ear tags

-** Any cattle applying for registration with ear tattoos not meeting these requirements, must be branded in accordance to PCRBA requirements to be eligible for registration

- Permanent Identifying marks must be visible in pictures submitted to the PCRBA for all cattle to be registered after January 1, 2019.


Igenity Beef from Neogen Corporation is the recommend lab for genetic testing. Order forms and information can be found at www.order.Ingenity.com or by calling (877) 443-6489 . Igenity has the capability to build custom panels for our association that will allow us more relevant information for breeding decisions and marketing opportunities. In order to achieve this we need a minimum of 1000 animals collected. Information provided by genetic testing services should be used wisely by breeders and never as the sole factor in making breeding decisions. The genetic depth and virtues of the Pineywoods cattle breed is a great asset that should be preserved for the future generations.


Dear PCBRA Members and Friends,

I have started up a database of the cattle registered so far, and it looks pretty good aside from a few holes that we are trying to fill in.  Please look over the registration application – and then fill out a bunch of them so we can find out just where we are with this important breed.

Registrations are important to keep track of the numbers of the breed, and to keep track of who has what.  I also find them useful for tracking the different bloodlines of the breed.  We need this information so that we don’t lose any more important components of the breed.  This will take work on everyone’s part – but together we can all make a huge difference and give this breed intact to the next generation.  Our ancestors did this for us – and we owe it to the next one coming along.  

It helps me for folks to give some indication of the family strain that the cattle come from.  I know that in some cases this information is going to be impossible to get, but in most cases it is possible to at least state that the ancestors were Conway, or Carter, or whatever.  I try to include as much information as I can on the registration certificate, but more information is always better than less!  

It also helps for each animal to have some sort of unique identification, such as a brand or a tattoo.  This may be troublesome in some situations, but it really helps sort out which cow is which in the event of some disaster such as a death – or a hurricane!

Thanks to all the breeders for keeping up with these cattle – and thanks for reading this plea for registrations.

Best wishes,

D. P. Sponenberg 



The link below will take you to a .pdf file of the official PCRBA Registration Form.  You may print this out and complete one copy for each animal to be registered.  Each registration application must include photographs of the animal: one direct shot of the face and one side shot of the head/body.
Please remember that it is the duty of the owner of the dam at the time of the birth of the calf to register the calf.  Registrations are free to PCRBA members; the membership fee is only $35 per year for each herd.  Please send registration applications to:
Julie Brown
PCRBA Secretary
183 Sebron Ladner Road
Poplarville, MS 39470
All completed registration forms and photos must be sent to the secretary at the address above by postal mail.


PCRBA Registration Form

Brand Registration