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Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association

April 2006

April 2006
Saturday, April 22, 2006
12:00 noon
Farm of Virgil Berry near New Hebron, MS

Annual Meeting of the PCRBA

The annual meeting of the Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 12:00 noon on the farm of Virgil Berry near New Hebron, Mississippi.  

You will have the opportunity to meet breeders and view Pineywoods Cattle.  All interested persons are invited to attend.  For more information including driving directions, contact David D. James, Secretary; 2262 Highway 59; Spruce Pine, AL 35585, Phone 256-332-6847, Email pcrba@bellsouth.net.


Meeting Agenda:

1.  Reading Minutes of the 2005 Annual Meeting

2.  Annual Financial Report

3.  Discuss and plan Pineywoods cattle sale

4.  Report and discuss the Newsletter

5.  Report and discuss the website

6.  Elect one member to the Board of Directors - term to expire 2009

7.  Elect Association Secretary - term to expire 2011

8.  Set date and location of the 2007 Annual Meeting