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Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association

Articles by Dr. Sponenberg

Dr. D. Philip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD, is a Professor of Pathology and Genetics at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.  Dr. Sponenberg is a recognized authority on heritage livestock and genetics of coat color in both horses and cattle.

Over the years, Dr. Sponenberg has provided assistance to the PCRBA on how to manage the Pineywoods strains.   Following are a series of articles that he has written on various aspects of the Pineywoods breed.

Conservaton Breeding for Pineywoods Cattle Strains

General Issues for Pineywoods Breeders

Pineywoods Cattle Strains

Pineywoods Strain Diagram

Rescuing Rare Pineywoods Cattle Strains

Colonial Spanish Cattle