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Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association


Palmer-Dunn Bull
Palmer-Dunn Bull.jpg
Photo by Jim Combs



What are Pineywoods cattle?


Pineywoods cattle are an endangered breed of “heritage” livestock that are descended from the original Spanish stock left along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama by the Spanish explorers in the early 1500’s. The cattle evolved naturally in the brushy wooded terrain of the Gulf Coast. They have evolved to be naturally resistant to most diseases and are able to forage on rough vegetation that commercial cattle will not touch. Pineywoods are also “dry land” cattle and have evolved to avoid predators by spending only a minimum of time at their water hole. This makes them very low impact cattle, as they do not contribute to bank erosion and fouling of streams like most domestic stock.

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Barnes Cow
Barnes Cow.jpeg
Photo by Allen Roberts



Agricola Cow
Agricola Cow.jpg
Photo by Thomas Allen



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